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Investing In Gold

A precious metal like gold is a common choice for investors to invest on for different reason. The very first is because it is widely considered as a financial asset all around the world. Gold is also a metal that will retain its physical properties for a long time. It can also be sold and bought easily and both buyers and sellers are just around the corner. You don’t really have to travel to far places just to have them. International traders deal with them all the time as well as jewelry stores and other dealers. It is also observed that the investors choose to buy gold at times of political and economic crisis because the value of gold remains steady and it is not greatly affected by inflation.

Ways On Investing In Gold
Investing in gold is a great idea and there are several ways on how you can do that. First of all you can invest in gold through gold backed securities. This has been the choice of both individual investors as well as the institutional ones. They choose this kind of investment because it can be considered as a low-risk investment because it is really regulated. Many like it because through this, they can also readily track the price of the gold.

Another way to invest in gold is through a gold pool account. In this scenario, you do not own any specific gold bars or coins. What you own is a portion of the poll that owns the physical gold. It can be sometimes called as the unallocated but the great thing about it is that you can easily sell your stake at any time you want. On the other hand, you can also take the physical gold that is equivalent to your stake by paying a fabrication charge.

Buying gold bars, coins, or jewelry directly can also be a way in investing in gold. The problem here is that when gold is already made into jewelry, you can expect that there is already a huge mark up in its price. Retail stores can mark the price up to 300% of its value. The appearance of the jewelry as well as the added gemstones can also affect its price and become very subjective due to what it looks like. Some people also prefer to go and buy coins or bars. Gold bars are mostly kept in guarded vaults and aren’t given to you to take possession of. Coins on the other hand can be handed to you. The coins also come in various artistic designs.

You can also invest in gold through your IRA. Lots of people are now discovering the answer to the question “how does a gold ira work.” This helps them to make up their mind and invest in gold for their retirement. Unlike your usual investment, gold would be more stable and more resistant to the inflation rate. There are lots of gold IRA companies that can help you have your own gold IRA account. You can even check your current IRA to see if you can add gold investments to it.

Save Gold for your Retirement

As far back as the times of Ancient Egypt and perhaps even longer, gold has always been revered and thought of as a symbol of wealth. Although that has not really changed today, few people think about saving gold although gold traditionally holds its value and continuously increases in value. Many experts consider gold to be a safe investment and yet instead of investing in gold for their retirement, most people prefer to take out regular IRAs and leave the financial security of their future, to the fluctuating whims of the stock exchange. Don’t get me wrong as many people have made good money on the stock exchange but as it is very volatile, it is perhaps not too safe an investment for money you will certainly need to retire with. Surely a safer investment would be more suitable for money that is so important. The choice to save for retirement with an IRA is a good one though as IRAs afford some very good tax benefits but gold IRAs are also available and they afford the same tax benefits, without the volatility of the stock market.

More people are looking at gold IRAs than there used to be prior to 2010 and the reason for that is that in 2010, which was the year of the last financial crisis, 75% of retirees found that they were left with far less money from their savings for retirement than they thought that they would have. This 75% were the ones that allowed their IRAs to be dependent on the well-being of the stock market and so when that came up short, so did their retirement funds. No would want to be caught in that situation as it could mean that instead of them having a financially secure retirement, they may have to be dependent on someone else financially for their golden years, hence the increased interest in gold IRAs. Although perhaps some of the top gold investments are not possible with a gold IRA, like investing in rare gold coins, many other alternatives are available, like savings in physical holdings of bullion, regular gold coins or gold bars.

The savings you want to make for your retirement are very important as like many of us, you will hope to live for several years and will want adequate funds to support you during those years. Most things in life are unpredictable and so not much can be predicted but one thing that is possibly predictable, is that gold will always be of value. Of course that too could change but it hasn’t for thousands of years and so is unlikely to in the relatively few years till your retirement. If having thought about investing in physical gold holdings, you are still not sure of what to do, at least diversify your savings and transfer some of your retirement funds into gold IRAs to ensure your golden years. Let’s face it, even if the dollar were to crash, that would not necessarily affect the value of your gold either.

Do You Want to Know How to Buy Gold Easily?

Precious metals like gold and silver have been part of human history for centuries. Since the olden days, gold has been considered as precious by many cultures all over the world and has been considered to be a metal of value by virtually all people. Gold has not only been used as ornamental pieces but have also been, for many years, used as a form of currency. It is no secret that in the past, if you have a lot of gold and other precious metals, then you are considered to be very rich.

Nowadays, while gold is not considered to be the main form of currency anymore, it cannot be denied that gold is a precious metal that can still be very much noticed as there are still a lot of pieces of truly valuable jewelry that are made using gold as a component.

However, gold is not just purely ornamental however, as gold also makes for a great form of investment to put your money into.
The thing about gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals is that they are known to hold value throughout the years. As mentioned above, gold has been considered as valuable thousands of years ago and the fact that gold is still valuable and very expensive today is a testament to how resilient gold is in terms of holding its value.

Another fact of the matter is that gold does not merely hold its value, but its worth also increases over the years. While the growth of the value of gold is relatively slow compared to other investments, what’s great about gold is that the value rarely or practically never dips down. What this means is that the value of gold will just continue to increase over the years and despite the slower rate compared to other investments, the relatively low-risk nature of investing in gold makes it a great investment option to add to the other investments that you may have.

Now while it is a known fact for a lot of people that investing some of your money in gold is a good decision, there are a lot of factors that may turn off people from doing so, and that one of the major factors that prevents people from putting in their money into gold is the difficulty of making the purchase as there are a lot of things to consider like the quality of the gold for example. If you want to learn places to buy gold then the website of Global Gold Strategy is what you will want to visit.

There are a lot of awesome reasons why you will want to strongly consider visiting the website when buying gold. It details the many sources from which you can buy gold from. Also, the website offers a sort of a FAQ in the how to buy gold article which will most probably answer most of the doubts and questions that you have in making the gold purchase.

With the information that you can learn from, you will definitely be able to have a strong start in your gold investment.

Everything You Should Know When You Invest on Gold

If you have $100 in your bank account today, you have to take note that there is a possibility that it won’t have the same value years later. Your $100 will be worth less than it should generally. This is the reason why people choose to invest.

If you chose to invest on things such as stocks and even currencies, you have to be realistic. You have to be realistic with the fact that there is a probability that you end up losing your money. However, in the long run, it is possible that you acquire a net gain depending on how you diversify your portfolio. These days, the economy for different countries is becoming unstable. Japan, US and even Europe experienced financial hardships over the last years. In 2008, a great number of the US population suffered because of this. It has proven that when you lack the proper investment, economy could take you to the ground.

Protection from inflation rate
This is the reason why a lot of people are looking to invest on precious metals. There are many reasons why precious metals are becoming in demand today. In fact, the reason is that it can withstand inflation. You can protect your purchasing power whenever you have gold, silver, and other types of precious metals. Since there are times when the government prints more money than it should, you basically find yourself with devaluated money on your bank. With gold ira investing, you have physical gold within your control.

How does Gold IRA differ?
Gold IRA differs from other types of precious metal investments. Gold IRA is available in bullions and in coins. This means that you need to either have your own facility to store these precious metals, or you could have a third party to help you store gold.

There are different ways on how you could invest on gold. For instance, you have the mutual funds which provide you mining stocks. Here, you don’t own physical gold, but instead invest on a company that revolves around mining gold. As rule of thumb if you wish to invest on stocks, you have to look at the history of the company. Always choose the firm that is well funded, and has been present in the industry for a couple of years already. Another option that people go for these days is Gold ETFs. Gold Exchange Traded Fund is either a stock or an index that is backed by gold.

If you wish to have a stable future, it is imperative that you invest. Precious metals, such as gold is a good way to diversify your investment portfolio. The downside with gold is that you will need to have a huge amount of money to start buying physical gold.

Since gold, silver and other precious metals will never hit rock bottom in value, you have a practical option to go for. However, if you intend to purchase gold IRA investments, you will need to know its pros and cons. It is highly advised that you talk to someone who is credible in investing. The person you should talk to should be able to address all your questions.

What Is the Best Investment You Could Make?

It is difficult to invest on something that isn’t immediate. We are living in a world wherein people would like to find out about the benefits of their actions. For investments, this is not always the case. There will be times when you will need to wait for years. If you are living an expensive lifestyle today, most likely, you need to keep up with constant influx of income. Should you invest on things that are meant for the long run, you want to play your cards right. You want to diversify towards different investment portfolios for the reason that you don’t want to invest all your eggs in one basket. So what is the best investment?

Real estate is among the most logical option that you want to purchase. Of course, you don’t want to end up renting for a place to stay your whole life. What happens next when you no longer have the money to pay for monthly rent? With depleted monthly salary once you retire, you want to already have your own house when this time comes. But of course, you need to consider a number of things. Is your location expensive? As rule of thumb, you need to purchase a property that you could pay for the next years to come with your salary.

Stocks will also be a good option if you want to diversify your investment. This is a wise thing to do especially if you are going to speculate for an increase in the value of your investment for years to come. When it comes to buying stocks, blue chip stocks will most likely be the best option. Here, companies are not your typical fly-by-night company. These are stable corporations that have appreciated in value over the decades.

Foreign currencies can also be a good way to diversify your investment portfolio. Finding the right forex platform for you, not to mention the right strategy in trading, it is possible that you increase your investment in a short period of time. In contrast to stocks, this is a high risk investment, since political and economic decisions can drastically affect the value of currencies.

And of course, there are gold and other precious metals. It is important that you consider reading gold dealer reviews if you wish to invest on gold. What makes this a great investment is the fact that you are sure that these commodities could withstand recession. If you will look at history, you will see that gold has a higher appreciation rate than your currencies and even real estate properties.

There are also many options that you could choose from if you are going to invest on gold. If you can’t buy physical gold, it is also a good idea to invest on companies involved with mining. But of course, you need to look at this type of investment still as a stock investment more than anything.

Diversifying your investment portfolio is a possibility. The definition of the best investment is not really a standard one-size-fits-all solution. Asking the help of your financial experts is a great way to start your retirement plan. This way, you will find out how much money you are going to allocate for each investment portfolio.

How to Look for Gold Online

A certain amount of people have developed the interest in investing their resources in gold over the years. Investors see the precious metal as a savvy purchase worthy of their resources. There are a variety of ways by which you can readily acquire gold. One of the major ways through which you can readily acquire the yellow metal is through the immense resources of the internet. Several people have taken to surfing the web to acquire gold in a variety of forms and variations. There is still a certain amount of skepticism when it comes to sourcing the resource through online means, however. Each person needs to guarantee that the investment that they make is safeguarded in every possible way. Is it really safe for you to acquire gold online? Let’s find out.

One of the main attractions afforded by purchasing gold through an online resource is the sheer amount of convenience that it affords you. There is no need for you to travel or even leave the comfort of your own living space to look for gold. All you need is a stable internet connection and a computer for you to be able to track down the sources that you need to procure the yellow metal.

There is an impressive variety of sources online that you can acquaint yourself with in your search for gold. Several gold mints have a strong online presence established and a variety of dealers have set up web pages that are readily accessible to every discerning buyer. There is an incredible amount of variety available online as well. You can choose to acquire gold in different forms. There are gold bars and gold coins that are readily available for purchase. All you need to do is to choose the form that best suits your preferences before you proceed with your purchase.

Once all is said and done, the main thing that you need to be concerned about is the security of each transaction that you get to be able to make over the internet. A sure way for you to guarantee that your dealings are as safe as possible is to acquire the gold that you want directly from the mint that manufactures them. Doing this also allows you to acquire gold that has recently been produced by the mint in question.

Familiarize yourself as intimately as you can with the policies that each establishment possesses regarding transactions made online. Do not acquire gold without going through the history of the company that you are about to purchase it from. Try to find out if there are users who have had less than favorable experiences with a particular dealer. Do not waste your time poring over the offerings of an operation that does not provide you with a money back guarantee. Contact the source that you’re eyeing before you purchase the product. Acquire their email address or phone number and field all your inquiries through relevant representatives before you decide to acquire the resource in question. Buy Gold Online now and prepare to be impressed by the sheer convenience and ease that comes with the transaction.

Things to Remember When You Buy Gold Online

The search for gold has risen to extraordinary heights over the recent years. Some investors see the precious metal as a fool proof way of ensuring that the investment that they make is secured from sudden changes wrought by a volatile economy and rising inflation rates. Due to the increased demand for the yellow metal, a variety of sources have cropped up to try and meet the demand from a number of individuals. There is more than one way for a consumer to acquire the precious metal. Let’s take a quick look at a number of options you can immediately pursue to satisfy your search for gold in all of its variations.

The most obvious way for a person to acquire this precious metal is to go visit shops that specialize in trading this resource. There are a number of establishments with a considerable history of trading this metal to a variety of patrons. Try to figure out if your area has dealers with shops set up that you can readily visit. More often than not, the types of gold you may encounter in these establishments may be set in the form of jewelry. In order for you to be able to find gold in different forms, you need to explore more modern ways of searching.

Arguably, the internet provides each user with the most amount of convenience when it comes to tracking down the precious metal in considerable amounts. One of the main things that the internet provides you with is a sense of anonymity when you begin to go shopping for a variety of purposes. There can be something uncomfortable with the idea that any bystander can quickly find out what you may be purchasing from a shop. These fears are readily allayed by the blanket of anonymity afforded to you by the internet.

Shopping online also means that you’ll be able to explore a staggering amount of options within a constrained amount of time. The amount of progress that you can make over the web in a manner of minutes is considerable compared to the ground that you get to cover when you make a physical journey to visit a shop that deals with the resource in question. Go through a variety of online merchants and compare the prices that they offer for each patron. With a little work and a modest amount of luck, you’re sure to stumble upon deals that translate into considerable savings.

Make sure that you get to secure the safety of your purchases by choosing to deal with retailers with a strong reputation established through years of selling the resource that you’re interested in. Steer clear of vendors with shady reputations and a long string of complaints from disgruntled buyers.  Buy Gold from places that possess a clearly stated exchange policy. Always go through a considerable amount of research before you begin taking the first few steps towards finalizing an investment. Caution and hard work will always work in your favor so exercise both in abundant amounts.

Fiat Money And Its Problems

A lot of silver investors have decided to invest in gold or silver because of their belief about the collapse of fiat money. Fiat money is paper money printed by the government that is not backed by actual gold or silver. Because this is considered legal tender even though strictly speaking it’s not worth anything, how much the dollar is worth is largely dependent on how much fiat money the government prints out. The overwhelming opinion is that in the near future, there are two things that may happen. The first possibility is that fiat money (aka, the dollar) will be printed off in large amounts by mints, causing each dollar to be worth less, while physical assets will be worth more. Because of the speed at which money can travel these days, it would only take one government printing off a large amount of money to affect the world economy. Large amounts of currency can be exchanged at a profit before the exchange rates change, devaluing fiat money across the world before governments are able to react. Silver investors can sell their silver during this extreme inflation and then hold on to their liquid assets and come out on top once the economy stabilizes.

The other option is that there will be an entire economy collapse. This isn’t so much an alternative to the first point as much as it is a more extreme belief held by a few people. The belief is that the inflation will become so rampant and out of control, that fiat money will become completely worthless. The method of buying goods will return to bartering, and this is where people with large amounts of gold and silver will have valuable assets compared to the rest of the population. While everyone else has their money devalued, those with large amounts of savings in physical assets will have their net worth unaffected, or possibly even increased.

This is obviously an extremist point of view to the reasoning behind keeping your savings in gold or silver, and one that tends to be shared almost exclusively by “preppers”.

Buy Silver junk coins if you do consider this to be a possibility. Their ability to be easily traded and split into multiple denominations makes them ideal for this view point. In the case of a complete collapse, a giant silver bar that weighs 100 ounces or more will be nearly as useless as the money that was used to buy it.

With the world’s most common currencies being fiat currencies, the collapse of any one of them individually could lead to a worldwide collapse. This compared with the extremely large, mounting debt that the US is taking on is why you’ll see many stackers with their stack comprised entirely of junk coins or silver dollars, rather than large bars that are typical of other big time investors. Throughout history, humans have used gold and silver as reliable currency backing, and there’s no reason to think they won’t in the future if it becomes necessary.


Are we on the edge of an epidemic?

Having only recently moved the Buckingham Uncovered Offices to this part of the town we were mostly surprised at the increase in numbers of habitual punks found locally. It would appear the punks are drawn to this part of the town due to some basic/tribal instinct…. We even found a few of the younger punks at the end of our garden… We did attempt to feed them with both fizzy pop (which they appeared to like) and macaroons (not so much)…

Now being (reasonably) young ourselves we appreciate the need to hang out on street corners and we quite like the punks which we have met about the town… So after much consideration, we will shortly be launching a new feature: Operation Punk Watch… watch this space…

Summer of Cider 2008

The Great Ouse Booze Cruise!

The Great Ouse Booze Cruise is an annual summer event marking the start of the Summer of Cider. Members of the elite appley faction are inviting locals to take part in an afternoon of menial snacking and heavy drinking before getting embarking on a downstream adventure, calling in on the Woolpack, the Grand Junction etc… via the waterways!

All forms of alcohol are permitted, although cider drinkers will be given preference by the lifeboat teams on stand by. Pirate attire is optional but undoubtedly preferable, aaarrrhhhh!

Whether you are forming a team, or you are taking on the Grade II rapids (opposite the Skate Park) as a solo expedition, be warned…THIS IS FOR THE BEST OF THE BEST.

Anyone wearing Speedos, armbands or goggles will be forced to walk the plank.

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